Monday, February 24, 2014

"Snow Fence"

We had a couple of days of warmer weather, in the high 30's, so I thought that winter might be coming to an end.  Then I saw the forecast for this week:   1F for a low tomorrow and 5F for the next three days.  Guess I don't need to worry about the snow completely melting any time soon.  I meant to post the next "winter" painting right after the last one, but our internet connection went down on Friday morning (naturally) with no hope of a fix until today.  So I had a quiet weekend of reading a book on old fashioned "paper".

"Snow Fence"  12" x 16", oil on canvas panel, $800 framed

Snow shadows offer wonderful blues and purples, reflecting the sky as they do.  This broken down farm fence with the brush created a a nice drift and an opportunity to paint mainly snow, warm in the sun and cool in the shade.  What fun!

Thanks for your emails and, if you have friends who might like to see my paintings,  please pass this blog on to them.  All my best wishes to you, and I'll try to keep on painting.

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