Friday, April 9, 2010

"The Yellow Scarf"-- 4th in a Series from a Model

Last Wednesday was the fourth and final life painting session from the model, Sara. After painting three watercolors of her, I decided to paint a 14" x 11" oil during the last session, my first figure painting in oil. After a month of lay-down-the-wash-and-leave-it-alone watercolor, I gradually got the "feel" back for ooey gooey oil.  It was a rocky beginning, and I don't want to remember it, but after the fear of "I don't know what I'm doing." subsided, I found it quite fun!  So far, I've left off the earring on this figure, thinking it might detract.  Do you think I should give her earrings? The fresh air and wonderful weather of spring and summer always pull me out into the landscape during the day, but I think I'll continue to paint the figure in the evening at the art museum's "model" sessions.   ---Enjoy the weather!  Remember, I always like to hear your comments.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

"Ralph Mason's Fiddle" which he made in 1925

Recently, I was commissioned to create an oil painting for WBAA, Purdue Public Radio's Spring Fund Raiser April 8th.  This public radio station, like many others, emphasizes music of all types, but especially classical and folk, or "old time", as well as jazz.  They wanted an image that would reflect that interest so I decided to create a portrait of a particular violin which was hand made in Brookston, IN in 1925.  It was made by Ralph Mason, my husband's great grandfather and was played for many years in Indiana.  During his life, he made about sixty fiddles.  He didn't play, but his father, who was in the Civil War, did.  Although I had never painted a musical instrument before, I enjoyed it thoroughly and would be delighted to have other commissions for musical instruments in the future.
The donors to the WBAA Fund Raiser will recieve note cards with this image on them.  So they can have the opportunity to see the original oil painting,  it will be on display at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette for the month of April and then go into WBAA's collection. I hope you'll be able to visit the Art Museum of Lafayette to see this painting which is 11" x 14" in size.  You can also read about this painting and get the address and phone for the art museum on the "EVENTS" section of my web site "home page".

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Third in the Series of "Girl with the Black Ear Ring"

For the third of four sessions of painting from the model in the same costume, I decided to paint on one of the colored Twinrocker watercolor papers.  They make watercolor paper in White and four colors.  Ilove all the colors, but this is the palest and is called "Pale Dusty Rose" and is exactly that, a pale dusty rose color.  Also with this painting, I wanted to make the figure a little older looking and with a "mature character", i.e. not a twenty year old.  The paper color also made me want to change the color of her scarf and the white bloused to something more dramatic.  I could have painted the blouse with a White Titanium Dioxide, but white was just too close to the value of the paper.  Which figure do you like best and why?

Next week, I'm going to try to paint the same model in oil from a different pose. There are also new paintings on my web site  Have a good week, and remember that I enjoy hearing your comments.  Also, please share this blog with friends who might enjoy it.