Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

                       "Winter on the Lilly Grounds", Oil 16" x 20", 2010.

This fall has flown by, Christmas is already here, and what a WHITE one it is!  After a very warm and gorgeous fall, December has been constantly cold and beautiful in its whiteness.   I didn't get a chance to paint  as much as I wanted to during the fall because of several trips, including the exciting Twinrocker Retrospective Exhibition opening in Atlanta, but the December snows encouraged everyone to hibernate, and that meant me painting in my studio.   I just finished this landscape of the formal Lilly gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  The afternoon light raking across the snow seemed to create a captivating glow on the little stone figure.  Can't wait to paint another snowy landscape after the holiday, but now we're looking forward to seeing friends from far away, eating way too much, laughing, and playing lots of music.

I hope you'll be cozy and warm and share your holiday with special people in your life as well.