Monday, July 12, 2010

"Summer Play Time at the Lake"

This past weekend, I painted and played at Lake Wawasee & Lake Webster in northern Indiana with about thirty other artists at a paint-out by the Indiana Plein Air Painters.  Nothing says "summer" quite like sunny skies, a warm breeze, water, boats.  This quick, little 6" x 8", alla prima oil is of "Honky Bridge", as the locals call it, since the underpass is only wide enough for one boat at a time.   I caught the morning sun at about 11am, just as it peaked over the top of the bridge.  Yum!  In the afternoon, we found Webster Lake full of party boats, and ski dos, with some of them congregating at this island and jumping overboard for a swim.

"Summer Play Time at the Lake", oil, 9" x 12".   Hope you're finding time to play this summer too!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Tyler", painted with the Zorn Palette

I'm finding this limited Zorn palette quite fun! Here is my second portrait using it, painted from a model. Tyler seems quite melancholy, perhaps wishing he was with his sweetie.  This is another 12" x 9" oil.  Hope you enjoy meeting these folks. (This makes me wonder if people ever buy portraits of people they don't know?)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Portraits in Oil using the Zorn Palette

Lately, I've begun to paint portraits in oil which has been quite compelling because I half way feel like I'm creating a new human being.   This is partly because they sometimes don't look quite like the model, i.e. a "new" person, which I find quite fun and intriguing.  Being new to painting portraits, I'm learning with two painter friends.  We've been watching a DVD by Jeffery Watts on "Painting the Gesture Portrait" using the very limited palette of Anders Zorn, who lived near the turn of the century in Sweden.  The portraits are painted with only four pigments: White, Black, Yellow Ochre, and Cadmium Red Light.  His portraits using this limited palette are truly amazing and beautiful!  My goal is both to learn to paint rich paintings with only four pigments (and no blue) as well as to paint with greater gesture in my brushwork--to loosen up!  This is how it works:  Black is very cool and therefore offers a subtle blue;  yellow ochre and black make a green of sorts; cad. red and black make a purple of sorts, yellow ochre and cad. red make an orange; yellow ochre, cad. red and black make a brown. So there you have it.  Now to transform those four pigments into a loose, gestural portrait.  This is my second oil portrait ever and the first with this Zorn palette.  It's "Andrew",  12" x 9", oil, from the model.

Painting is "life-long learning" and learning always adds to much to life.  Remember, I always appreciate your thoughts and comments.  Please forward this to your friends who might be interested.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Painting in a Kiwi Garden

A large group of friends own a communal garden and land in Warren County, IN with some of them living there.  Two weeks ago I joined them on a garden work day.  This 9" x 12" oil is of their Kiwi arbor.   Yes, I was surprised that Kiwis grow in Indiana too, but there is apparently a very hardy variety.   Today is the Friday before the 4th of July, so most of us will probably be heading out into the landscape.  Have a great and relaxing weekend!