Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Long Dry Spell---"Is That Artist Block?"

I see that my last blog post was September 5th, and today is November 8th. With October being one of the most beautiful months in Indiana to paint the landscape, I'm shocked that I didn't manage to paint even one canvas.  There were many interruptions, like cleaning off the vegetable and flower gardens and going to Appleton, Wisconsin for a conference on hand papermaking.  But when I really look at the month, I realize that I had a severe case of artist block.  I even read four John Grisham novels.  Could seeing my paintings hanging in a gallery cause fear-of-failure?

Well, I broke the spell this past weekend with a 16" x 20" oil of a bend in Moot's Creek which meanders around on the south edge of Brookston, where I live.   It's a studio painting from a photo reference and several trips to the site to see the color and light.  First, you'll see the beginning of the painting on the easel and then the finished piece.

"October on Moot's Creek", Oil, 16" x 20" © Kathryn Clark
Well, I think the spell has been broken; I'm energized again and am looking forward to applying paint to canvas.  

This month, I'm also donating an oil painting to the main fundraiser for the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra.
 "Plucked Tree Peony", oil, 14" x 11", © Kathryn Clark

The ICO sent the invited artists three musical works on a CD to inspire the painting.  I chose William Bolcom's Concerto in D or Violin and Orchestra because it is quite dramatic and yet intimate and delicate at the same time.  http://www.icomusic.org/ .  If you'd like to bid on this painting, you can contact the ICO office on their web site. 

With the Halloween demons put to rest, I hope your November will be enjoyable and fruitful.  Thank you for viewing my art.  

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