Monday, March 1, 2010

Drawing of a Woman----in homage to John Singer Sargent

I was pleased with the way my post uploaded yesterday and hope you enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, the color of the Twinrocker handmade paper seemed to look a bit grey when it actually is a very warm pale tan.  I guess it's difficult to get completely accurate color when I'm photographing a drawing in my studio under day-light fluorescents, even though I did set a custom White Balance on the Nikon 40 camera.

Today, I'm posting another drawing study, 12" x 10".  This time I've created a portrait interpretation of a female figure taken from a painting by John Singer Sargent.  I'm using the same Prismacolor Verithin pencils that I used in yesterday's drawing, but the Twinrocker handmade paper is different.  This drawing is done on Twinrocker "Cream", 100% cotton rag, handmade paper in a Text weight (.005-.007" thick).  I've toned the paper with a very, very dilute Yellow Ochre watercolor wash to create that uneven visual tone and cause the slight amount of shrinking when the paper dries which makes the paper have a beautifully supple surface.  This is the same paper and toning that the well known artist,  Robert Liberace, uses when he draws his figures.   I'll upload the photo and hope that the subtle color of the paper is a little more accurate than yesterday.

I think you can see the slight ripple in the surface of the paper from the shrinking during the drying of the watercolor wash and the irregular color that the toning of the wash adds to the "look" of the drawing.  I'm having fun doing these studies and hope you're enjoying them too.

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