Sunday, April 3, 2016

Paintings of Yosemite

Goodness, I see that I haven't posted the oil paintings that I finished last fall of Yosemite after sending my last blog, which was who knows when...
  "Half Dome Rising"  14" x 18", oil.  

"Climbing Yosemite"  14" x 11",  oil
As we looked at the huge cliff in front of us, my cousin thought he saw a tiny blue speck about half way up the mountain.  Another cousin, a birder, had his handy telescope with him so we tried to see if there were climbers on the rock face.  Yes, indeed there were!  Then I zoomed my brand new Panasonic camera to the full 60X and WOW! I could see the climbers through my camera lens.   So this studio oil was painted from my photo reference.  There were two climbers, and this guy was trying to make his way to his partner who was at the other end of these ropes.  Didn't want to look too long in case, you know,  there was an accident. 

"Yosemite at Dusk"  16" x 20", oil

"Curry Village Tents:  Yosemite Valley"  9" x 12"
We slept at Curry Village, a grouping of about 200 canvas tents with wooden floors, bathrooms down the trail.  The few lights shining on the tents at night were quite intriguing.  

While living in San Francisco from 1969-1972, we unfortunately never had the time or money to go to Yosemite so I was quite excited to be able to finally see and experience the amazing cliffs and waterfalls.  If you should have the opportunity to go, be sure to jump at it!

Thank you for patiently waiting all these months for another blog.  After I finished these paintings, my studio was under construction for five months, having a wall built to replace an old garage door, six additional windows, and the outside replaced with siding.   Consequently, I was not painting for many, many weeks.  If you know others who would enjoy this blog, please forward it to them.  You can see these and other paintings on my web site at    

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