Monday, April 13, 2015

New Abstract Watercolors and Apologies for My Long Silence

I apologize for not posting a blog since last summer.  I've been posting most of my new paintings in the E-Mail Newsletter on my web site and got tired of writing much the same thing on my blog.  So, I encourage you to go to my web site and sign up to receive my E-mail Newsletter. The web site is  On the Home Page, just put your email in the box (Join my e-mail list).   I'll try to post new paintings, exhibitions, etc in my web site Newsletter, and more informal, chatty conversation and things in my blog, probably not as often.  If you click on "E-mail Newsletter on the Home page, you can sign up there too and also see Past Newsletters.

I've been painting representational images in oil since 2008 when I retired from making handmade artist papers at Twinrocker.  Before then, I was creating abstract images using paper pulp with hand papermaking techniques that I developed and then drawing on the dry handmade paper.  During the past six years, I've enjoyed using my eyes to interpret the beautiful landscape around me and learning the craft of painting in oil.  However, I've slowly missed using my imagination and finding out what images are in there. So I've decided to begin creating abstract images from my imagination in watercolor.  I know this will be a big shock to all the people who think of me as a representational painter, but, going forward, I want to paint BOTH representational and imaginative imagery.  Please let me know how you like them.  For many years, in my past "abstract" life,  I was interested in exploring the illusion of space, deep space, distorted architectural space, and movement through space.  Now I'm trying to see how these visual interests can be expressed in watercolor rather than paper pulp.  Here are two of the first three:

   "Center Refuge"  22" x 30" watercolor on Twinrocker Coldpressed Watercolor paper

"Riding the Wave"  22" x 30" watercolor on Twinrocker Coldpressed Watercolor paper

I may only post the new abstract watercolors on this Blog and not in my website E-Mail Newsletter because it might be too confusing for my collectors.  What do you think?  Should I keep the two different types of imagery separate?  I'd appreciate your advice. 

Thank you for viewing this blog and for your past comments and support.  Remember to sign up for my E-Mail Newsletter on my web site, and I'll try to post on this blog a little more frequently than once every six months.  ----  All the best, Kathryn

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