Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Painting near the Continental Divide in Colorado

"Headwaters of the Colorado",  plein air 9" x 12", oil on canvas panel, $350

September 5th, a friend and I flew to Winter Park, Colorado to paint the inspiring mountain landscapes there and in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  I hadn't seen the Rocky Mountains in many, many years.  We had planned  four days of painting, hopefully two plein air paintings per day.  We might have met that challenge except for the great time spent with two painter friends on two of those marvelous days.  Even with spending many hours driving through such beautiful country, I did manage to paint six plein air studies.   Being an Indiana sea-level, prairie, farm, and woodland person, I was constantly saying "Wow!! look at that!!", the color of the mountains, cliffs, sky, sunset, aspens, pine forests, and streams.  It was so exciting!

It's a very fun challenge to paint an unfamiliar landscape.  Every time a new white canvas panel was placed on my little plein air easel, I was curious to see what might appear on it.   Here are the results:

"Colorado Lake View", plein air 6"x 8", oil on canvas panel, $100

"Aspen Hills", plein air 9" x 12", oil on canvas panel, $350

"Byers Canyon", plein air 12" x 9", oil on canvas panel, $350

"Willow Creek Valley", plein air 9" x 12", oil on canvas panel,  $350

You may have noticed that I said I painted six panels, but I only have five here.  Actually, I must confess that the one of the rocky stream you see me standing beside was a "scaper", as painters say, just not worth finishing.  So there you have it....what a grand time one can have out in the landscape, in the fresh air and warm sun!   Now I'm eager to go off again to a new place and find out what will appear on my canvas. 

I hope you've enjoyed these images and my ramblings.  If you have friends who might like to see them, please forward them on.  If you would like to see more, just go to www.kathrynclarkfineart.com  And remember that I always like to receive your e-mails.

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