Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Silent and Beautiful Salt Marshes of South Carolina

My painting buddies and I just returned from a barrier island off the coast of South Carolina called Seabrook, about a thirty minute drive from Charleston. Three mornings of the week we were there, I walked from their home out on to this vast, still, quiet, salt marsh to try to capture its beauty.  Because the marsh is ecologically fragile and filled with deep mud, tall sea grass, tiny crabs, and other small wild life, there are wooden board walks above the sea grass that slink out into it. This is where I painted.

"Salt Marsh Channels", oil on linen board, 9" x 12"

This is the second view of the salt marsh which I painted from the dock in the main water channel. 
"Salt Marsh Dock", oil on linen board, 12" x 9"

Back on our host's porch, I made some final changes.

Although we didn't get a chance to paint along the ocean side of the island, we did take many photos of the ocean, boats, and much more.  Here are a few pics to give you the flavor of the place:
The commercial fishermen were out shrimping when we were here.  
The restaurant to the right where we tasted the local catch looked out on a dock of charter fishing boats. 
I hope your sun is setting in a beautiful spot as well.  Until next time......I'll be finding exciting spots to paint back home in Indiana. 

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