Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Day Lilies & Goose-necks"

The perennials keep coming in my garden, and I can barely keep up with them when there are "Paint-Outs" to go to.  A Paint-Out is a community organized event for artists to paint directly from the landscape.  People come from all across Indiana to paint directly from the landscape in one place on a certain day, or sometimes more than one day, and then to display the paintings.  There is always a SALE of the artists' paintings for the public at the end of the event.  That's what I participated in at Noblesville, IN a couple of weeks ago.  Sooo, now I'm home painting Day Lilies, Goose-necks, and Baby's Breath from my garden in an antique glass Arts & Crafts handmade vase.  Yes, the vase barely shows, but it may appear in full view later in another painting.  This oil painting is 14" x 11".  Purchase information is on my web site  If you know others who would enjoy my blogs please forward this to them.  And remember I always enjoy hearing from you.

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